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IntisTele is a vital system which could provide answer for many problems. This mechanism helps to send SMS without difficulty.

Main part

Due to the quick tempo of our life and especially eager to save time - a vast majority of people choose SMS as long as this kind is the fastest and the most convenient for busy people. .

Advantages and Disadvantages

Using IntisTele system has a lot of advantages. For example:

Automated software. It signifies that there is no need to accomplish multiple actions for transferring bulk texts. Give the task, and the receivers will get instruction.

Easy to use. Your task is to sign up and replenish the balance. Now you can to give a assignment or spread the important offers.

Quality and price. It is convenient to know your limit and refill the balance based upon your budget. The quality of send SMS will be satisfactory.

Delivery speed. A fast solution to send messages is about the Intis Telecommunication app. The epoch of homer and fax machine are things of the past.

Today texting is one of the most reliable means of communication.

Among minuses of this kind of communication could be the lack of guarantees, that your SMS will be carried to the recipient.

The mean time of message distribution assembles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are located has network coverage).

Department Solutions

SMS is a great solution for marketers. It is a decision for all.

Bulk texting system is a powerful weapon for reaching each of marketing goals. For instance:

Simple automation and optimization of campaigns` schedules. You will not neglect the fellows` birthday because of the SMS program.

Bulk texting could be implemented in the department`s everyday routine. SMS could help:

Detailed logs and online data will keep you informed concerning last activity and sub-account performance.

web designers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

Thanks to the option you are able to deliver multiple  bulk texting, send HRL requests.

Not restricted by time testing access to IntisTele messages software allows debugging your exclusive operating program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Ruby.

IntisTele plugins and widgets were created to smooth integration of most major CMS (Drupal).

SMS commands are a rescue for sysadmins because they could establish remote administration and server management.

SMS software is instantly updating on the concrete server infrastructure performance.

Business owners also are able to organize their employees' timetable owing to this SMS software. Define tasks for your colleagues.

Get feedback from users by means of SMS.

On the website it is possible to find recognizable web interface, payment options that will match every pocket and a very attractive affiliate program. With the help of SMS software:

It is possible to get easy access to services. Two things that are needed to use SMS service are the Internet and browser.

Clients can use MasterCard while using this software..

You will be surprised by the speed of bulk texting delivery.

Industries and SMS solutions

The SMS software solution is suitable for offline and online shopping. This service could be helpful for solving a issues of different spheres in various industries.

With the help of SMS solutions financial organizations could supply with the best service for the customers.

It is a perfect solution for retail. With SMS software there is an alternative to install notifications concerning discounts.

You can apply bulk texting system into your transport actions, such as taxi.

Bulk texts software considered to be the best solution advance travel and transport actions and make customers enjoy a better experience during their journeys.

Bulk texting is a decision for startups and IT. This application is fundamental for websites.

SMS signal to serve security. It is applicable for supplying companies.

SMS software prices

It is not difficult to top up the balance and set the sum of money which you are ready to contribute. IntisTele can propose various ways to fund the balance. For example, Paypal.

Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface is a system, with the help of which one computer is capable of to cooperate with the other computer. This method was created for mixing varied apps in one system.

With API you can have a list of contacts

It can be integrated to CRM.


If any questions have left about the system and the principles of working process, do not wait to attend IntisTele FAQ.

SMS guidelines

Do message targeted. Break the database into individual categories by preferences.

And finally you could deliver offers only to those who have interest in product.

Add call-to-action into the SMS mail-outs. The text of SMS should contain information which will inspire the user make a move. To achieve this result, you have to leave a link to the website.

Make all the needed conditions for clients to come and after that it is more likely to achieve conversion rates.

Mention your name. Do not hesitate to mark company name right at the top of your text message. This technique will lead to extra concentration to your message and make the message special. Customers will constantly be aware of organization which addresses them.

Affiliate program

Owing to a unique Intis Telecommunication Affiliate program every customer can achieve a commission because of attracting fresh users. You can gain around to 10% of the month's refill balance payment, which is made by the user you have brought to Intis Telecommunication system.


To send bulk texting about products can turn into the best solution for your business. It will increase your profit. That is why messages are widely spread among service providers.

Information sources: https://www.intistele.com/


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